Saturday November 14, 2020
On behalf of everyone associated with Somerset Speedway we extend special birthday greetings to the ‘matriarch’ of the club, Frances Hancock.

Frances’  celebrations however, may well be tempered by the news that daughter, club owner and promoter Debbie, is currently nursing a painful rotor cuff injury and is reported to be unable to produce her traditional home-baked cake to recognise the occasion.
“You could say, the boss only has one wing at the moment” admitted Debbie, “and as much as I am in discomfort just now, I really do feel for Mum as I won’t be able to do anything much to help her and spoil her on her birthday. I can’t even bake a cake in my present condition. I guess this just about sums up 2020 but hopefully in some way Mum will be able to enjoy herself even though things will be so different.”
Let’s hope both Debbie and the birthday girl Frances enjoy a day of relaxation as we send wishes to both ladies , one for a swift recovery and the other for Many Happy Returns!

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