Wednesday October 21, 2020
A brilliant performance from Anders Rowe at Berwick on Wednesday saw him have to settle for the bronze medal in the 2020 U21 British Final, as GB International Dan Bewley took the title with a perfectly carded five ride performance.

Rowe, who had to work hard in his second outing to get by Dan Gilkes then stepped things up a gear by delivering a stunning ride to go wide round Joe Lawlor in his third ride to be one of four unbeaten riders after three rides a piece.

Effectively therefore, the title race was decided in heat 16 when Bewley, Leon Flint, Rowe and Drew Kemp all came together, each boasting unbeaten performances hitherto. A brave ride from Bewley to negotiate his way by Flint set him on his way to the title and the finishing places from that heat produced the top four scorers. They each won their respective final rides and the result was called as at heat 20 as the Northumberland's club 10pm curfew came into effect.

Dan Bewley 15, Leon Flint 14, Anders Rowe 13, Drew Kemp 12, Tom Brennan 10, Jack Thomas 8, Dan Thompson 8. Joe Lawlor 8, Jason Edwards 6, Jordan Palin 6, Joe Thompson 5, Dan Gilkes 4, Jamie Halder 4, Tom Spencer 3, Harry McGurk (res) 3, Alex Spooner 1, Kyle Bickley 0, Mason Watson (res) 0.

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