Wednesday October 14, 2020
It was silverware that the Rebels had won in 2012, but they ensured that they restored it to the Oaktree Arena Trophy room with an emphatic second leg performance against Glasgow four years ago to today - October 14th 2016.

Much of the hard work had been done in the first leg of the Premier League Cup Final when the Rebels left Scotland holding an incredible six point advantage, but that very victory made them expectant of a Tigers' backlash, something that was never forthcoming.

Skipper Josh Grajczonek led by example, going unbeaten on a night when four regular Rebels were paid for double figure returns, only Charles Wright missing out with a paid nine pay cheque. Guests Josh Bates and James Shanes both did their tasks, deserving of the paid nine and two point scores they achieved respectively.

With Glasgow needing early heat advantages to try and whittle away the first leg deficit, the Rebels set about doubling their aggregate lead with a 5-1 and 4-2 respectively in the opening heats. Whilst Rene Bach broke the sequence of home race winners, leading home Paul Starke in heat three, he couldn't inspire his team-mates to rally sufficiently enough and in fact, the Tigers had to wait until heat ten before they could cheer home another chequered-flag taker, by which time the abacus beads were showing the trophy was destined for Somerset.
A 5-1 from Starke and Wright in heat nine had virtually confirmed that, for it made the maximum points tally the Tigers could reach was 89, and assuming the remaining six heats had at least three finishers, that would not be enough to turn the tables.

So the final six heats, with Somerset holding an aggregate 26 point advantage, were all about the magnitude of the victory and whether Glasgow could end the evening with a heat gain of their own. The answer to the latter was yes, one came in heat 12 when Aaron Summers and Fernando Garcia struck a 5-1 over Wright and Shanes, and another was recorded in heat 15 through Bach's third place backing up Richard Lawson's win over Starke.
But those victories provided scant consolation for the Scottish side as, apart from those two heat losses, the Rebels had done enough to pack the minor places over those closing stages, eventually running out, wholly deserved 103-77 victors.

Somerset 55 (103) - J.Grajczonek 11+1 (3,3,3,2'); P.Starke 11+1 (2,3,3,1',2); R.Tungate 9+1 (2',2,2,3); J.Allen 8+2 (3,1',3,1',X); [G] J.Bates 8+1 (3,2',1,2); C.Wright 6+3 (1',2',2',1); [G] J.Shanes 2 (1,1,0,0)
Glasgow 35 (77) - R.Lawson 10 (2,3,1,1,3); R.Bach 8 (3,1,R,3,1); A.Summers 6 (0,0,3,3); F.Garcia 4+1 (2,0,0,2'); R.Worrall 3 (1,0,2,0); N.Lunna 3 (0,1,2,0); D.Ayres 1+1 (0,0,1',0)

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