Monday September 28, 2020
Somerset skipper Rory Schlein has been crowned the 2020 British Champion

In heavy conditions on a track made wet due to rain in the last hour and a half before tapes up at the behind closed doors showpiece meeting, Schlein topped the scorechart after the programmed 20 heats, with twelve points, a total made up of two race wins and three second places. He outpointed former Rebels Richard Lawson and Richie Worrall together with fellow Australian Jason Crump by a point, to be seeded direct to the final along with Lawson who had the better combination on count back.

Crump safely negotiated the semi-final, Worrall looking set to join him until he lost control on the final turn allowing brother Steve in for the last spot in the final.

The Rebels' skipper then did all the hard work off the tapes and edged out Lawson in the Grand Final, Crump taking the third place on the rostrum.

[picture Taylor Lanning]
A delighted Schlein admitted "Well, this is a feather in my cap. I never won the Aussie Champs but I can go home now and they can never take my name of the trophy. It was an interesting first corner in the final. Me and Rich were elbow to elbow and I just knew I had to get into the dirt line first. I must give a big shout out to my engine tuner Johnsy as the bike was pulling well tonight. I can't say that any of us really enjoyed the conditions but it has just been such a frustrating season that we all wanted to ride."

[picture Taylor Lanning]

Schlein had originally planned to make 2020 his final season in the UK but due to the cancellation of the domestic season he has shelved those plans and is all set to be back in Somerset's colours in 2021 where he will start the season as the reigning British Champion - the first non-British rider since Ivan Mauger won his fourth British title in 1972.

Rory's scheduled 2020 team-mates Ben Barker and Josh Bates scored 8 and 2 points respectively, both putting in some brave efforts, Bates further plagued by two opening retirements.

1st Rory Schlein 12+3 (2,3,2,2,3)
2nd. Richard Lawson 11+2 (3,3,3,1,1)
3rd Jason Crump 11+3+1 (2,3,3,1,2,3)
4th Steve Worrall 10+2+0 (1,1,3,3,2,2)
Others: 5th Chris Harris 10+1 (MX,2,2,3,3,1); 6th Richie Worrall 11+F (3,1,3,3,1,F); 7th Drew Kemp 8 (1,3,1,3,0); 8th Danny King 8 (2,2,0,1,3); 9th Ben Barker 8 (1,2,1,2,2); 10th Lewis Kerr 7 (3,0,0,1,3); 11th Paul Starke 7 (3,0,2,0,2); 12th Josh Auty 5 (2,R,1,2,0); 13th Tom Brennan 5 (1,1,0,2,1); 14th Dan Thompson 3 (0,2,1,0,0); 15th Josh Bates 2 (R,R,2,0,0); 16th Joe Thompson 2 (0,1,0,0,1); 17th Ben Woodhull 0 (0)
Heat Details
Ht.1 L.Kerr, D.King, D.Kemp, B.Woodhull, C.Harris(exc 2 minutes)
Ht.2 R.Worrall, J.Auty, S.Worrall, J.Bates(rtd)
Ht.3 R.Lawson, J.Crump, T.Brennan, J.Thompson
Ht.4 P.Starke, R.Schlein, B.Barker, D.Thompson
Ht.5 J.Crump, B.Barker, S.Worrall, L.Kerr
Ht.6 D.Kemp, D.Thompson, J.Thompson, J.Auty(rtd)
Ht.7 R.Lawson, D.King, R.Worrall, P.Starke
Ht.8 R.Schlein, C.Harris, T.Brennan, J.Bates(rtd)
Ht.9 R.Lawson, R.Schlein, J.Auty, L.Kerr
Ht.10 S.Worrall, P.Starke, D.Kemp, T.Brennan
Ht.11 J.Crump, J.Bates, D.Thompson, D.King
Ht.12 R.Worrall, C.Harris, B.Barker, J.Thompson
Ht.13 R.Worrall, T.Brennan, L.Kerr, D.Thompson
Ht.14 D.Kemp, B.Barker, R.Lawson, J.Bates
Ht.15 S.Worrall, R.Schlein, D.King, J.Thompson
Ht.16 C.Harris, J.Auty, J.Crump, P.Starke
Ht.17 L.Kerr, P.Starke, J.Thompson, J.Bates
Ht.18 R.Schlein, J.Crump, R.Worrall, D.Kemp
Ht.19 D.King, B.Barker, T.Brennan, J.Auty
Ht.20 C.Harris, S.Worrall, R.Lawson, D.Thompson
Semi: J.Crump, S.Worrall, C.Harris, R.Worrall (fell)
Final: R.Schlein, R.Lawson, J.Crump, S.Worrall

[Headline picture: IAN CHARLES]

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