Monday September 21, 2020
Following Monday night's draw for Saturday's British Final at Ipswich, performed by Kelvin Tatum MBE with the assistance of Nigel Pearson, the three Rebel representatives now know their riding number.

Josh Bates has been drawn at number eight, meaning he will ride in heats 2,8,11,14 & 17; Ben Barker will be at number thirteen which puts him on track in heats 4,5,12,14 & 19 whilst Rory Schlein takes the number sixteen race jacket giving him outings in 4,8,9,15 & 18.

The full draw,for the sell-out meeting is
1 Lewis Kerr
2 Drew Kemp
3 Danny King
4 Chris Harris
5 Steve Worrall
6 Josh Auty
7 Richie Worrall
8 Josh Bates
9 Jason Crump
10 Kyke Bickley
11 Richard Lawson
12 Tom Brennan
13 Ben Barker
14 Edward Kennett
15 Paul Starke
16 Rory Schlein

Heat Details
Ht.1(R) L.Kerr,(B) D.Kemp,(W) D.King,(Y) C.Harris
Ht.2(R) S.Worrall,(B) R.Worrall,(W) J.Auty,(Y) J.Bates
Ht.3(R) K.Bickley,(B) R.Lawson,(W) J.Crump,(Y) T.Brennan
Ht.4(R) P.Starke,(B) E.Kennett,(W) R.Schlein,(Y) B.Barker
Ht.5(R) B.Barker,(B) L.Kerr,(W) S.Worrall,(Y) J.Crump
Ht.6(R) E.Kennett,(B) K.Bickley,(W) D.Kemp,(Y) J.Auty
Ht.7(R) R.Lawson,(B) P.Starke,(W) R.Worrall,(Y) D.King
Ht.8(R) C.Harris,(B) J.Bates,(W) T.Brennan,(Y) R.Schlein
Ht.9(R) J.Auty,(B) R.Schlein,(W) L.Kerr,(Y) R.Lawson
Ht.10(R) T.Brennan,(B) S.Worrall,(W) P.Starke,(Y) D.Kemp
Ht.11(R) J.Bates,(B) J.Crump,(W) D.King,(Y) E.Kennett
Ht.12(R) B.Barker,(B) C.Harris,(W) K.Bickley,(Y) R.Worrall
Ht.13(R) R.Worrall,(B) T.Brennan,(W) E.Kennett,(Y) L.Kerr
Ht.14(R) D.Kemp,(B) B.Barker,(W) J.Bates,(Y) R.Lawson
Ht.15(R) R.Schlein,(B) D.King,(W) K.Bickley,(Y) S.Worrall
Ht.16(R) J.Crump,(B) J.Auty,(W) C.Harris,(Y) P.Starke
Ht.17(R) L.Kerr,(B) J.Bates,(W) P.Starke,(Y) K.Bickley
Ht.18(R) J.Crump,(B) D.Kemp,(W) R.Worrall,(Y) R.Schlein
Ht.19(R) D.King,(B) T.Brennan,(W) B.Barker,(Y) J.Auty
Ht.20(R) S.Worrall,(B) E.Kennett,(W) R.Lawson,(Y) C.Harris

Fans can watch the meeting live through the streaming service at a price of £12.95 with tickets available through

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