Saturday September 05, 2020
Had everything gone strictly to plan in 2020 and all fixtures fulfilled on their scheduled days, then the 'Cases' Somerset Rebels would have been heading down to the South Coast this evening (Saturday 5th September) for their final league fixture of the season.

It would have been the club's fourth visit in history to the Arlington venue, with the Eagles being in the same 'geographical region' group as the Rebels and this the two sides would meet home and away twice in the league.

On the Rebels' second ever visit to Sussex (27th July 2019) they delivered a far more competitive performance than their debut trip. At the beginning of the 2019 season a heavy 63-27 defeat was inflicted on them but second time around the Rebels came within a point of eking out a draw.

Chris Harris and Rory Schlein took the Rebels past the club's previous points total when they combined in heat 11 to inflict a 5-1 over Richard Lawson and Jason Edwards. Another 5-1 was collected by the Rebels as Todd Kurtz and Anders Rowe, the latter on his way to his maiden double points tally in a league fixture, in heat 12 which edged Somerset into a single point lead. That heat 11 partnership came together again in heat 13 and earned a share of the spoils in and, in the process denied backmarker Edward Kennett his targeted maximum. The lead was turned around when in-form Lewis Kerr and reserve Alfie Bowtell conspired for a 4-2 over, guest for the day Ben Barker and Rowe in the penultimate heat leaving plenty to ride for in heat 15.
Hopes of getting the win faded once Harris fell on the fourth turn of the opening lap and a 3-1 distribution of league points effectively became the only likely outcome unless only Schlein and one Eagle were to finish. The Rebels' number one rode the re-start as if the meeting outcome was fully dependent on it but Lawson and Kerr made certain of reaching the chequered flag.

Eastbourne 45: E.Kennett 8+1(3,3,2',0);[Rider Replacement]; K.Newman 7+2(1',1',3,1,1); L.Kerr 11+1(2,2,3,3,1'); R.Lawson 11 (2,3,1,3,2); A.Bowtell 7 (1,2,X,X,3,0,1); J.Edwards 1 1(1',0,0,0)
Somerset 44: R.Schlein 13 (2,3,3,2,3); T.Kurtz 2+1(0,0,X,2'); [Rider Replacement]; [G] B.Barker 7 (3,2,0,2); C.Harris 10+2(3,2,2,2',1',X); A.Rowe 11+1(3,1,1',2,1,3,0); H.Atkins 1+1(0,0,1',0)

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