Monday August 17, 2020
On the exact fifth anniversary of Rasmus Jensen's debut as a 'Cases' Somerset Rebel, fans can enjoy the action from the Premier league fixture against the Ipswich Witches.

'Razzer' only rode for Somerset in the 2015 season, making 10 appearances and recording 75 points (plus 12 bonus) from his 47 rides, was drafted in to the Rebels set-up as team manager Garry May was determined to re-ignite the club's play-off push that had recently become threatened with two home defeats in the space of their last three Oaktree Arena performances.

Leigh Lanham, 'veteran' of 28 matches that season for 181 points (33 bonus) from 120 rides was averaging fractionally over 6 points was the rider who made way for the Dane, just 29 days after registering his only paid maximum as a Rebel.

Just as Somerset were concerned about relinquishing the play-off position that they were clinging on to, Ipswich were expectantly sizing up the opportunity to make a dash to reach the top four knowing they would need to make gains on Plymouth.

Bolstered by their league cup draw at the Oaktree earlier in the season, the Witches had high hopes for this rearranged league fixture. It had only been delayed by 25 days earlier but they would now be facing a Somerset side under renewed pressure. If they could conjure up something then the play-off race would certainly be spiced up.

If you enjoy a tense meeting then make it an anniversary viewing on Tuesday evening with the Premiere showing at 7.30pm, brought to you in association with ReRun Productions and Speedway Portal, as the Rebels with Razzer find themselves in the cauldron of action against the Witches from Ipswich.

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