Monday August 03, 2020
Nick Morris and Oliver Allen bounced back from their immense disappointment of losing in the 2014 Premier League Pairs final in July of 2014 to steer the Somerset 'Cases' Rebels to Four Team glory on this very day six years ago.

At Peterborough on August 3rd 2014 the Four Team Champions title headed back to Highbridge for the second time in the club's history as, along with Morris and Allen, Pontus Aspgren, Brady Kurtz and fifth man Charles Wright trumped the grand final opposition of Workington, Scunthorpe and Edinburgh by a comfortable six point winning margin.

The Rebels had initially seen off Scunthorpe, home side Peterborough and Newcastle in their semi-final, a close affair with just four points spreading the sides. It was the 14 from Somerset that headed the group, Allen leading the way with a win and a second from his two rides. Morris began his day with a race win and added a semi-final third place, whilst Pontus Aspgren recovered from a heat 3 no score to win heat 13 to guarantee qualification and thus making Brady Kurtz's fall (after posting a second place first time out) somewhat academic.

The final itself began with a brace of second places from Allen and Aspgren alike before mechanical problems further frustrated Kurtz's day, although it has to be said it was a relief to see him take to the track in heat three of the final after that hefty crash just a few races previously. Nick Morris collected a third place to leave the Rebels with five points and in third place at the first chunk of final heats, Scunthorpe leading the pack with 9 points, Workington 6 and Edinburgh 4.

Allen gained the Rebels first win of the final and when Morris followed suit in heat six the Rebels were suddenly a point clear of Scunthorpe. Charles Wright was introduced into the action at the expense of Kurtz and the Rebels' reserve rode determinedly for his second place, again gaining advantage over Scunthorpe who failed to add to their total and thus give the Rebels a clear three point lead over both the Comets and the Scorpions.

Josh Grajczonek aided the Comets to target in on the Rebels by winning heat eight that also saw Edinburgh's Craig Cook take points off the Rebels participant Aspgren as the competition tightened up - Somerset 14, Workington 13, Edinburgh 11, Scunthorpe 10.

Again Wright was chosen over Kurtz and again Wright finished second but as the winner was Scunthorpe's Ryan Douglas it enabled the Rebels to strengthen their precious lead. Aspgren added another two point contribution in heat 10, Rene Bach's win helping Workington to pull one point back but still Somerset had a two point lead (five over Scunthorpe and Edinburgh).

That lead was soon to become unassailable as the pacey Morris took the victory in heat 11 and the celebrations could begin, irrespective of how Allen fared in the final race of the day. But Allen was determined to see Somerset go out in a blaze of glory leaving two former Rebels - Josh Grajczonek (3rd) and Sam Masters (4th) - well in his wake, Scunthorpe's David Howe his closest rival at the flag.

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