Monday July 13, 2020
Four years on from the very week that Newcastle Diamonds visited the Oaktree Arena supporters can re-live the action from the Somerset 'Cases' Rebels Premier league victory against their Tyneside opposition.

In association with ReRun Productions and Speedway Portal the meeting staged on Friday 15th July 2016 will be screened with a Premiere showing on Tuesday 14th July 2020.

As team manager Garry May recalls "we were on something of an extended unbeaten run and had just the week before seen Josh (Grajczonek) and Rohan (Tungate) win the Pairs and so there was a real buzz around the team but for some reason the weather gods tried to dampen our spirits within three quarters of an hour of the scheduled start time.
I remember that the rain wasn't heavy enough to put the meeting in jeopardy but it did cause something of a difficult track to ride and we endured a very close fought pair against a Newcastle side that had signed the immensely talented Robert Lambert. We knew he would be a handful because he has scored 11 points on his maiden visit the previous year with Rye House and he was developing into a class rider."

Click on the image below to acquire the link to the footage

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