Saturday June 27, 2020
Two years ago on June 27th the 'Cases' Rebels completed an impressive knockout cup double over the Poole Pirates, making progress in their quest for top flight silverware.

Having completed a first leg 52-38 victory at the Oaktree Arena some eight weeks previously, the Rebels headed for Dorset in good spirits with a fourteen point advantage in their pockets, a meeting that was to mark the return to Wimborne Road for 2017 Pirate Jack Holder. With three unbeaten rides in the space of three heats, Jack played a significant role as the Rebels built on a two-point lead they had mustered over the first three races, despite Jason Doyle and Bradley Wilson-Dean having a 5-1 inflicted on them in the opener.

Holder's heat four partnership with Nico Covatti delivered Covatti's second maximum heat score - his backing up of Jake Allen in heat two having levelled the scores on the night - preceded a rider replacement outing where he linked up with Doyle to push the Rebels 20-10 up. Holder immediately came out for his third ride on the trot to lead home Brady Kurtz in a shared heat. It wasn't to be until Jack took his fourth ride, heat nine, before the score margin was to change again, this time he was linked with Jake Allen and the Rebels finished either side of Richie Worrall to effectively seal the tie, as they led 85-59 on aggregate and had six heats remaining to take them on to the requisite 91 points winning post.

With Poole hitting in maximum heat scores in 10 and 14 they attempted to make the final score respectable but even those two advantages were not enough to deny the Rebels the cup double as Doyle took the honours in heat 15 when the hosts needed a 5-1 to level the evening's scores.
Somerset went on to defeat Belle Vue in semi-finals and then go unbeaten in the final against King's Lynn to lift their first top flight trophy and with the senior league switching to a Supporters Cup competition in 2019 it means the Rebels remain the KO Cup holders despite their step-back to the second tier!

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