Friday May 08, 2020
In May 2014 Somerset speedway hosted four meetings and from those sixty heats of racing the Rebels only dropped a total of 50 points!

Scores of 67, 60, 68 and 55 respectively made the Oaktree Arena a fortress for the locals, Somerset fans cheering home thirty one races that finished as a first and second for the home side and not once in those four matches did they concede a placing during a heat 4 or heat 14!
Only heat 5 proved 'problematical' as far as maximum heat advantages were concerned. The partnership of Brady Kurtz and Pontus Aspgren were split on each occasion by Richie Worrall for Ipswich, Josh Grajczonek for Workington, Richard Lawson for Redcar and Nicolai Klindt for Scunthorpe, respectively.

That said, however, the Kurtz/Aspgren combination came to its fore in heats three and nine as across all four of those home meetings they only missed out on full houses in those heats once - an exclusion for Brady in heat 9 against Redcar and the a 4-2 going Scunthorpe's way in heat 3 as Ashley Birks lead Pontus home and David Howe finished ahead of Brady.
So, of all those 31 maximums, the most potent was the above, pairing up twelve times and being unbeaten by an opponent six times. Although, the Nick Morris & Charles Wright partnership rode together in just nine heats at home in May 2014 and delivered in five of them.

On an individual basis,
Pontus 11 (6 with Brady, 4 with Todd Kurtz and 1 with Nick Morris)
Todd 10 (4 with Pontus, 3 with Paul Starke, 2 with Oliver Allen, 1 with Nick)
Nick 9 (5 with Charles, 2 with Olly, 1 with Pontus and 1 with Todd)
Paul 9 (4 with Olly, 3 with Todd, 1 with Brady and 1 with Charles)
Olly 8 (4 with Paul Starke, 2 with Olly and 2 with Todd)
Brady 7 (6 with Pontus and 1 with Paul)
Charles 7 (5 with Nick, 1 with Paul Starke and 1 with guest Stuart Robson)
Stuart Robson 1 (with Charles)

During the first May meeting of 2014, a league cup tie against Ipswich, the Rebels strung together a sequence of seven straight maximum scores in heats 8 through to 14, Rohan Tungate able to 'stop the rot' for the Witches when he claimed a second place in heat 15 over Nick and Paul.

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