Monday May 04, 2020
With the 2016 Premier League Grand Final coming your way on Tuesday with the streaming of both legs, how much can you recall about that season.

Just ten questions to test your knowledge and be aware, the answers are shown below.

Q1. The 'Cases' Rebels' first meeting of the season was abandoned as a result of a track crash. Who was the unfortunate rider involved?

Q2. Who were the Rebels riding against in the fixture referred to in Q1?

Q3.The two sides that finished the regular campaign in first and second were seeded to the Play-offs semi-finals. The 'Cases' Rebels were the top side. Which club finished second?

Q4. The 'Cases' Rebels first League win of the season was against which opposition?

Q5. How many 'Cases' Rebels hit double figure scores in that first Premier League victory of the season.

Q6. What was the 'Cases' Rebels biggest league defeat of the season a. 19 points b. 20 points or c. 21 points?

Q7. Somerset were league cup winners this season beating Glasgow in the Final, but who did they beat in the semifinal?

Q8. A Somerset Select side rode against and beat a National League Select team in June. Which regular 'Cases' Rebel rode at number one that night for Somerset?

Q9. Somerset won the Premier League Pairs Championship but what was Rohan Tungate and Josh Grajczonek's combined score in the group stage a. 25 b. 26 or c. 27?

Q10. Who was voted Rider of the Year in 2016?

Answers: 1. Jake Allen; 2. Swindon Select; 3. Glasgow; 4. Peterborough (Away); 5. Three - Josh Grajczonek 11+1, Rohan Tungate 10, Charles Wright 10+2; 6. c. 21 at Workington; 7. Sheffield; 8. Paul Starke; 9 b. 26; 10. Rohan Tungate.

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