Tuesday April 28, 2020
Ahead of tonight's helping of Rebels action - don't forget you can now see both legs of the 2013 Premier League Play-Off final by accessing the links below - we can bring you the answers to our Back Through the Years Rebels quiz.

We asked twenty questions, one from each year that the Rebels have been operating (you can find the quiz here if you haven't yet had a stab at it...but no peeping now!) and the answers are:-

2000 June 2nd (the planned opener on May 26th was postponed);
2001 Boston;
2002 b) 55 versus Newport on September 13th;
2003 Magnus Zetterstrom;
2004 Oliver Allen;
2005 Four (Workington, Sheffield, King's Lynn & Isle of Wight);
2006 Gary Havelock, Chris Holder and reserve Tai Woffinden;
2007 Leigh Adams;
2008 Newcastle;
2009 Steve Johnston and finished 2nd to Birmingham represented by Jason Lyons and Tomasz Piszcz;
2010 Shane Parker;
2011 Newport (inflicted a 43-47 to leapfrog the Rebels);
2012 c) 10 points;
2013 Stefan Nielsen;
2014 Todd Kurtz, Paul Starke; 2015 James Wright who has signed for Newcastle this season;
2016 Paul Starke (in fact he won both heats 14 and 15 of the Rebels Grand Final against Sheffield on October 27th;
2017 Richard Lawson v Wolverhampton in KOC on 6th October;
2018 Charles Wright, Jonas Jeppesen & Claus Vissing;
2019 Redcar

For tonight's two-legs of action, point your browser from 7.30pm for Edinburgh v Somerset and after heat 15 of that meeting re-direct to for the second leg from the Oaktree.
Edinburgh to Somerset in a click of a button or two, not bad eh?

Enjoy the action.

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