Wednesday April 29, 2020
On the 29th April 2016 the 'Cases' Rebels recovered from an opening heat defeat to eventually trounce the Ipswich Witches, as Rohan Tungate celebrated his first full maximum for the club scoring a perfect twelve from twelve.

Josh Grajczonek missed out on being unbeaten too because of that first heat blemish whilst Charles Wright, on his 101st appearance for the club, had three wins to his name but a blip in heat 9 when he missed the start and could only manage to pass one Witch, a future Rebel himself, Nico Covatti, prevented the future British Champion from being given the traditional pitside bumps.
Contested on a bitterly cold April evening the Rebels were kickstarting their home top flight league campaign on the back of away wins at Peterborough (53-37) and in the Witches own backyard (48-42) and that opening heat saw Danny King and Josh Grajczonek enjoy a decent battle for supremacy, in which the Ipswich number one was to prevail, backed up by James Sarjeant's easy point once Jake Allen had retired. A shared reserves heat preceded a match levelling 4-2 from Wright and the ever-battling Paul Starke whose persistence paid off as he wrestled by Lewis Kerr with the flag approaching.
From then on the contest was never in doubt. Ipswich could only once make an impression on the score and that was through the tactical points awarded when his second place behind Tungate in heat seven made a regular shared heat score one of 5-3 in favour of the Witches.
The might of the Rebels was epitomised across the final six heats when they clocked no fewer than five maximum heat advantages, although in fairness to the visitors they had lost the services of their impressive number one, Danny King who crashed out in heat five and indeed the rest of the meeting.

Meeting scorers:
Somerset 61 - Josh Grajczonek 12+2 (2,3,2',2',3); Jake Allen 6 (X,1,2,3); Charles Wright 10 (3,3,1,3); Paul Starke 11+2 (1,2',3,3,2'); Rohan Tungate 12 (3,3,3,3); Bradley Wilson-Dean 6+2 (2,0,2',2'); Zach Wajtknecht 4+3 (1',2',1',0)
Ipswich 31 - Danny King 3 (3,FD); James Sarjeant 6 (1,1,3,1,0); Lewis Kerr 3+2 (0,1'1,1'); Morten Risager 8 (2,4*,0,1,1); Nico Covatti 4 (1,2,0,1); Michele (Paco) Castagna 7 (3,0,2,0,2,0); Darryl Ritchings 0 (0,0,0,R)

It was the fifth, and to-date the last time the Rebels won a meeting by exactly 30 points, a margin which they have subsequently bettered on three occasions since, twice when competing in the Premiership (the top flight of British Speedway, with a 31 point defeat inflicted on Leicester in 2017 and a 32 point triumph here at the Oaktree in 2018 when King's Lynn were in town.
Incidentally, the club's biggest winning margin in the 20 year history came on 19th September 2008 with the 72-18 demolition of Mildenhall. That 54 point figure has is unlikely to be breached but for the record, in total the Rebels have won meetings by thirty points or more on 39 occasions:-

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