Sunday April 26, 2020
Somerset Speedway would like to remind their fans, together with those from other clubs around the world, that, although not listed on the latest BSPA Rewind news, there will be a further streaming of action this coming Tuesday evening (April 28th).

Through the continued co-operation of ReRun Productions and Speedway Portal we will be bringing you memories from 2013 and the second leg of the 'Cases' Rebels Premier League play-off final.

The play-offs that season featured the top six clubs and they were split into two 'round-robin' groups. Somerset had topped the table with 56 points from their regulation 24 league matches giving them the right to choose their group opposition. Newcastle and Redcar were the selected two and the 'Cases' Rebels dominated their group, losing just one of their four matches (Newcastle beating them 50-43 at Brough Park) thus marching into the Final.

In the other section, Edinburgh, who had finished fourth in the actual league, took command against Ipswich and Workington and their only defeat came when they visited the home of the Comets.

Thus, the Play-off final would be a re-run of the Knockout Cup semi-final which itself had been forced to a replay after identical 49-41 scores went in favour of the home sides in the original clashes. The 'Cases' Rebels were to triumph 100-80 when they met again mid-September in that competition (going on to beat Rye House to claim the silverware).

A month later it was all about the prestige of the league title and in cropping back an arrears of six points courtesy of a heat fourteen 5-1 from Josh Grajczonek and Charles Wright, the Rebels headed into the second leg with just two points to pull back. The Monarchs knew they would be making the trip to the Oaktree the other side of the weekend without Joszef Tabaka after he had been accidentally clipped by Nick Morris in heat 9, an incident that caused a lengthy delay to the opening tie. It was confirmed that the Hungarian had suffered a compound fracture of his fibia, an awful way to end his season.

As for how the Rebels fared in that second leg we will leave it for you to watch on Tuesday night (28th) but in the meantime, to help while away the time whilst the Covid-19 lockdown and social-distancing restrictions remain in force, why not try our back through the years quiz.

2000 - What was the date that Somerset Rebels fans were first able to see a meeting at the Oaktree Arena?
2001 - Somerset won both the Conference league trophy and the Conference league Knockout cup this season. They beat Rye House in the final of the latter but who were their league trophy opponents the day they lifted that first piece of silverware?
2002 - What was the highest number of race points that the Rebels amassed in a meeting as they moved up to the Premier league. Was it a) 52, b) 55, c) 58?
2003 - Poole visited OTA on August 1st this season for a British League Cup meeting and had a Swedish rider at number three who was later to become a Rebel. Who was that Swede?
2004 - At the beginning of July the Rebels had to cover for Glenn Cunningham in two meetings by using a guest. Which future Rebels' number on took the bookings?

2005 - How many home league defeats did the Rebels suffer in their sixth season?
2006 - Magnus Zetterstrom won the Premier League Riders Championship with 14 points. Three riders who either had been or were to become World Champions competed in that meeting. Can you name all three?
2007 - In this season an OTA track record was established that was to last for more than eight years. An Australian achieved that accolade posting a time of 56.08 seconds. But who was that rider?
2008 - The Rebels drew one match in this year and it was away from home in the Knockout cup. Who were their hosts?
2009 - The duo that represented Somerset in the Premier League Pairs Championship at the Oaktree on June 26th were Emil Kramer and who, in addition, where did they finish?

2010 - Jay Herne, Cory Gathercole and Sam Masters were three of the four Australian riders declared in the season's starting one to seven can you name the other one?
2011 - The Rebels lost their final home fixture of 2011. Which club that were to finish one place above the Rebels in the league were the victors?
2012 - A league cup fixture against Newcastle scheduled for September 19th was abandoned after six heats with Somerset leading 18-12. When the meeting was re-staged nine days later did Somerset win by a) 6 b) 8 or c) 10 points.
2013 - When Somerset declared their starting line-up for 2013, who was the youngest rider in the septet?
2014 - Two riders were ever present for Somerset this particular season. Can you name either?

2015 - On September 4th the 'Cases' Rebels Select team rode at the OTA in a challenge against an Exeter team. Which 2020 - comeback rider appeared at number 5 for the Rebels?
2016 - Who was the last 'Cases' Rebel rider to win a race at the OTA before the club stepped up to the top flight?
2017 - Charles Wright was the only 'Cases' Rebel to bank a FULL maximum at the OTA, but who was the only Rebel to achieve a PAID maximum?
2018 - Name the three riders who were part of the 'Cases' Rebels starting line-up but released during the season?
2019 - Which club knocked the 'Cases' Rebels out the KO Cup?

We will bring you the answers and the link to Tuesday's essential viewing in a future article.

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