Tuesday March 24, 2020
Anders Rowe won the hearts of Somerset Rebels' fans last season after stepping out of the reserve berth and producing some blistering performances, including Team GB's Craig Cook at Glasgow. Like most other riders, Anders is now kicking his heels as he awaits the commencement of the delayed 2020 season.

"We had such a good build up to the season before Coronavirus took a grip and like other riders I was really looking forward to getting going. It is very frustrating to say the least that everything has, rightfully of course, been put on hold. I am coping ok without the racing and concentrating on trying to keep fit. Thankfully, me and the family are all good and just trying to keep as busy as we can."

"I believe 2020 is going to be a fun year once we do get underway. I am really looking forward to riding again for the Rebels and I also have Swindon meetings to look forward to. Whilst I am not going to disclose any specific targets, I have set myself some personal goals, just as I did last year. I achieved my goals in 2019 and so have reset the bar for 2020, but above all else the biggest thing on my mind is having fun racing my bike."

Rowe was one of the few riders to compete in the only staged meeting in Britain this season, as he was part of the Ben Fund Bonanza field at Scunthorpe on March 14th, and he took some positives from that meeting "It was really good to race at the Ben Fund meeting, it gave me an early chance to do some testing and I even went out and won my first race, and that is really good to reflect on the fact that you have won your first ride. As for now though, it's all about spending as much time in the workshop just trying to see if I can make things lighter on the bike and keeping them ready to go for when we can get back out on track.

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