ON THIS DAY....MARCH 22ND.....2015

Sunday March 22, 2020
Five years ago the 'Cases' Rebels launched their season with a visit to the East of England Showground and came away with a Premier League cup victory over the Peterborough Panthers.

Whilst the home side outpointed the Rebels in six of the heats, all but one of those home heat advantages were of a 4-2 make-up, whilst the Rebels collected point gains in five heats, four of which had the Rebels crossing the line in first and second place.
Charles Wright featured twice with Josh Grajczonek (heats 1 and 11) and once with Paul Starke (8) whilst the combination of Brady Kurtz and Leigh Lanham in heat 10 after former Rebel Olly Allen ground to a halt with mechanical problems hving made a blistering gate but still out-manouevered by Kurtz.

With two maximums and a 4-2 in the space of three heats between ten and twelve the Rebels looked to have comfortably sewn the meeting up but the home side rallied with a brace of 4-2 advantages and so were still able to snatch a draw when Robert Lambert and Ulrich Ostergaard confronted Grajczonek and Kurtz in heat 15.

The Panthers looked to have done the business, as they hit the front immediately, leaving the Rebels nominees, Josh Grajczonek and Brady Kurtz apparently struggling to match their early pace. Kurtz got a run down the back straight, and threw down his challenge, only to have his way blocked by Østergaard, causing him to drop to the back.

The result seemed destined to be a draw, as the Panthers held the upper hand, but they hadn’t reckoned on Josh Grajczonek producing a true Captain’s performance to steal the win away for the Rebels. As they came to the end of the second lap, Grajczonek produced a dazzling move, as he cut inside the Panthers pairing, taking them both in one move, to lead into the home straight. However Robert Lambert was in no mood to let the match slip away from his team, and drove hard down the outside to grab back the lead before the start of Lap 3. Head down and tail up, Grajczonek charged after Lambert on the run to the third turn, and as they hit the bend, Lambert looked to anticipate the inside run, and dropped down to protect the line, only to see Grajczonek sailing by on the outside of the fourth bend. This time there was no way back for the young Brit, as the Rebels skipper roared away over the final lap to the obvious delight of the visiting Rebels fans. The final outcome was a superb 43-47 victory over a team tipped by many as potential Premier League Champions in 2015.

Peterborough 43 - U.Ostergaard 10+1; R.Lambert 10; L.Blackbird 7+1; M.Palm-Toft 5+1; O.Greenwood 5+1; O.Allen 4; S.Lambert 2
Somerset 47 - J.Grajczonek 13+1; B.Kurtz 11; C.Wright 8+1; L.Lanham 5+2; P.Starke 5+1; R.Worrall 5; B.Compton 0

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