Thursday March 19, 2020
Somerset Rebels co-promoters Debbie Hancock and Garry May have confirmed that, although the 2020 season has been suspended until April 15th, at the earliest, they remain resolute in ensuring the Rebels will be ready for the campaign once the restrictions are lifted.

Confirming that the scheduled Press and Practice Day on March 25th is encapsulated in the list of cancelled events, Debbie said "we are finding ourselves in unprecedented times and it is very much a question of heeding UK government advice and just ensure that we are ready to go once it is deemed safe to do so. Our thoughts are for the health and safety of our riders, supporters and sponsors. No-one has known anything like this and whilst it is frustrating for all concerned, common-sense must prevail.

Hancock, who runs the Oaktree Arena facilities has been hit double by the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak with her Conference and Function business also under temporary suspension. "Just a couple of months ago I was wondering where I would find the number of hours in a day from to spread between the Oaktree and the Speedway. Now it’s a matter of not being able to plan anything on either front, but just to be prepared once things improve globally.

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