Monday March 09, 2020
The capture of Californian Luke Becker by the 'Cases' Rebels has been extremely well received by fans judging from the reaction on social media platforms, but, particularly, the Rebels management were boosted by a message they received from one person who really knows the youngster well….Gordon Pairman.

The one-time Poole, Belle Vue and Glasgow promoter, who has served on the SCB as a nominee of the BSPA told the Rebels "it is my view that Luke is the best American product since Greg Hancock and Billy Hamill burst on to the scene. He has got his head screwed on and knows he’s got to steadily learn his trade."
"There were only two new faces in the 2019 Premiership, Luke and the much-hyped Jaimon Lidsey. There was only 0.13 between them in the finishing averages and it wasn’t Lidsey on top! Lidsey’s had a great winter in Aussie and that might give him a head start on 2020, but I reckon they’ll both have big increases this year."
"I consider this a tremendous move by the Somerset promotion and, to my mind, it makes them league favourites!"

Club owner Debbie Hancock appreciated the acknowledgement from the Isle of Man based Pairman, admitting, "that is some testament from Gordon. I know that he and Greg are good friends and with Luke being a protégé of Greg, it has allowed Gordon to get to know Luke well too, so there are few around who are better placed to judge."
" I have spoken to Luke many times in trying to get the paperwork in place and he has struck me as a very good lad with a wise head on his shoulders. They say, every cloud has a silver lining….. maybe Luke will be our golden lining!"

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