Thursday February 20, 2020
'CASES' Somerset Rebels' skipper Rory Schlein has confirmed the date of his Farewell Meeting, which will be held at Wolverhampton, his Premiership club, on Sunday 26th July (4pm)

Schlein, who will be representing the Rebels for a second consecutive term announced last November that the 2020 season would be his final one, as he plans to 'retire' back to Australia with his family.

He confirmed intitial details of the meeting, granted to him by the BSPA, saying "“I'm going for a standard individual meeting with 20 heats and 16 riders - and I'm going to do all I can to get some riders involved who the British fans don't get to see too often or haven't seen for a while.
“From the moment the gates open to the moment they shut, I want to make sure it's a show for the fans who will be coming and spending their hard-earned money.”
"It's good to finally have a date set and it means we can begin planning for the big day now.
“I'd like to thank Chris (Van Straaten - Wolves promoter), the stadium and the BSPA board members for their help along the way."

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