Thursday February 06, 2020
Debbie Hancock went back to the classrooms on Tuesday (4th February) to honour the pupils of her ex-school ,Brent Knoll C of E Primary, with the purpose of presenting a gift of book tokens for school use.

Returning for the first time since leaving the primary school where she served as Head Girl, Hancock was an invited guest, along with the club's Press Officer Stephen Allen, to the end of school day assembly to hand over the prize following the school's winning entry into the speedway's 'Attracting the Youth Initiative' Scheme that had seen schools across the region invited to spend an evening at the speedway and produce a small project of their experience.

Headmaster Chris Burnham introduced Debbie and Stephen and then reminded the class of their night at the Oaktree Arena last May, reflecting on what an enjoyable night it was, in particular the honour for many of them of, to be allowed to watch a race from the referee's box.

After Debbie explained that she had not been involved in judging the entries, she claimed "when the panel told me that my former school had produced the winning entry this year I was very excited. Those involved in the project clearly had worked very hard and I am really pleased to be able to be standing here, back at my old school and seeing so many happy faces. It has changed a bit from when I was last sat on the floor, cross legged very much like you are now but I really enjoyed my schooldays here and it was great that many of you continue to come to the speedway."

The children were given an opportunity to ask Debbie questions about the speedway club and the other activities that take place at the Oak Tree, on the Bristol Road, Edithmead. Afterwards Hancock admitted "That was an awesome experience for me to come back here, certainly the best thing I have done for a long time. So many memories have come flooding back and it is has been a fantastic opportunity to see the school in action. Chris, and the teachers are all so enthusiastic in their work and it is good to see the children embracing that enthusiasm. I was also quite delighted that a large number of hands went up when I asked the children if any of them had been back since the school visit. At Somerset Speedway we are keen to encourage the kids to come along to the racing, with their parents, as, being the supporters of the future, they are crucial to our long term success. We are open to working with any youth organisations, be they schools or youth clubs, who might want to sample the speedway experience.

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