Friday October 18, 2019
Somerset boss Gary May is disappointed that he won't be able to bring Chris Harris back as an Oak Tree regular in 2020 after the Cornishman became a confirmed starter for Birmingham.

Championship rivals Brummies made the announcement today and May said "I am genuinely sorry to see Bomber move on, but that is part and parcel of speedway and the annual merry-go-round of riders. At the end if the day he is not owned by Somerset rider so we had to go into the mix to negotiate a deal. Of course I would have loved to have him back. I can tell you for sure that he had featured in no fewer than fifteen of my team permutations but at the end of the day we just could not strike the right deal for Somerset Speedway. I have always said that I am not prepared to risk the future of the club by offering riders deals that we can't possibly meet, we know what we can afford and we must always strive to operate within our budget. We weren't too far away on the numbers but that's how things turn out I guess. 2

"I am still determined to bring a competitive side together for 2020 and I have filled a notebook on possible teams. It's hard, very hard. Putting a team together is a bit like making buying and selling a house. If something down the chain happens there is a knock on effect throughout that chain. Likewise if one rider in a chosen seven drops by the wayside you have to take an overall look at the make-up of that side. Quite often we are working on fine margins as far as averages are concerned, and there are only limited resources out there."
"What I can say is that the planning goes, the 'phone bill is rising but I am sure we well get there with a team to do us proud."

Harris captained the Rebels to the SGB Championship play-off semi-finals and was a member of the SGB Championship Fours winning quartet. After just one season, Harris sits in 36th position of the all-time Rebels race winners with 52 victories to his name, and is 46th in the all-time points scorers with 264 race points scored in 2019, despite riding most of the campaign with a wrist injury, one which he is awaiting an operation on over the winter.

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