Friday October 04, 2019
Somerset's team manager Garry May is refusing to allow the grass to grow under his feet after the Rebels 20th Anniversary racing programme came to an end on Wednesday night.

A builder by trade, May knows the importance of planning and creating solid foundations and he is already looking to 2020 and putting a side together that he hopes will provide the right qualities to bring the club their third league title.

May admits "To be honest I am always looking at options but we had a long old drive up to Glasgow on Tuesday and I had my brother Graham on the calculator and we were looking at several different permutations. Now, I am going out to Poland at the weekend for the final GP round and will be taking in a couple of other meetings too, which provides for a lot of travelling time and that means plenty of opportunity to continue the planning."
"Of course, nothing can be cast in stone yet, we need the Annual Conference to ratify a number of things before we can look at contracts and the like, but it is never too early to consider the options.
"It's a question of putting together a range of 'what-ifs' because you might come up with what looks like an excellent team but if for any reason one or more of those names doesn't materialise into an agreement you might need to think again."
"I am sure that I am not alone in the process and I guess a number of other clubs are well into putting their wish-lists together".

The Rebels' 2019 season ended when they were knocked out at the semi-final stages of the end-of-season play-offs by Glasgow on Wednesday night, losing 87-93 on aggregate. The club will be holding their End-of-Season-Party on Saturday 2nd November, an adults only event that will be hosted in the Oak Tree Arena clubhouse, with tickets priced £12. The evening will see the presentations of the various riders awards which include the Rider of the Year, Most Entertaining Rider of the Year, Most Improved Rider of the Year, SREF Rider of the Year and the new category for 2019, Social Media Rider of the Year.

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