Wednesday October 02, 2019
The Rebels knew that they had to begin early in clawing back the 12 points from the previous evening's first leg and with Chris Harris gating and going the pressure fell on to Anders Rowe's young shoulders to keep blocking out Craig Cook, who had hampered himself by moving at the tapes for which he picked up a warning

Rowe was up to the task and at each turn he appeared to instinctly know where Cook's assault was coming from and the perfect start was completed as he read the race perfectly.
Nathan Stoneman made all the running in heat two, a vital victory if the Rebels were going to overhaul the defict as they could ill-afford to concede any heats.
Heat three was in the game plan as a Rebels advantage but Nico Covatti was contained at the back as Rory Schlein dictated out front. Doing the business in heat four however was the pacey Rasmus Jensen and still Somerset couldn't reduce the deficit any further than that opening heat.

A tapes to flag win by Schlein might well have been the makings of a 5-1 but Covatti made half an error and Craig Cook duly punished and with just one third of the whole tie remaining Somerset still needed to haul back six points to draw level on aggregate. That task became much harder when Rasmus Jensen won for a second time and Rowe couldn't find any way by Connor Bailey as Glasgow collected their first heat advantage of the night. Their second came when Vissing roared out the tapes leaving Nick Morris in his wake and Luke Harris unable to make any headway on Sam Jensen. Ten points now the aggregate difference, Glasgow just two behind on the night.
A flying start by Bickley didn't help the Rebels cause as he clung on after an intense chase by Rowe with Stoneman back in third. Two unbeaten riders came to tapes in heat nine and it was the Glasgow rider, Rasmus Jensen, that prevailed over Rory Schlein in another shared heat as Covatti had the beating of Bailey. Anders Rowe was left to defend again, this time pegging Vissing out of the points as the Rebels chalked up a Chris Harris led 4-2 to send the Rebels into the last five heats of the night still looking to outscore the Tigers by seven points.

So it wasn't the ideal time for Craig Cook to produce his first win of the night, recovering from a sluggish start to whip by Morris and creating a Glasgow 4-2. Schlein made all the running in heat twelve but attentions were on the battle between Vissing and Stoneman who were exchanging positions. The Rebels reserve wasn't quite able to hold on to the second place he had occupied a few times, it would have been a game-changer had he done so. Instead the 4-2 meant Somerset were still looking for that seven point recovery and time was running out. The turning point of the first leg had come in heat 13 at Ashfield when Cook and Jensen paired up for a maximum heat score, they did so again with a fighting effort from Jensen, the heat being awarded when Morris went down under pressure but not due to any indiscretion, and that was game over. Glasgow had hit the magical nineties and ended the Rebels' Anniversary season in the process. Pride the only thing to ride for across the final two meetings, Somerset keen to end with a meeting victory and Covatti bolstered those prospects with pass on Sam Jensen whilst Stoneman completed his night by scoring in each of his five outings. Whilst the Rebels went big in using Harris and Schlein in heat 15, Glasgow went for their 'lesser' lights of Vissing and Sam Jensen and so it was fitting that the heat finished as a 5-1 to complete a 6-point on-the-night victory but leaving the Rebels six adrift over the two legs.

SOMERSET 48 (87)
C.Harris,3,2,3,1,2'=11+1 (5)
A.Rowe,2',0,2,1=5+1 (4)
R.Schlein,3,3,2,3,3=14 (5)
N.Covatti,0,1,1',3=5+1 (4)
N.Morris,2,2,2,FD=6 (4)
N.Stoneman,3,1',RS,1',RS,1,1=7+2 (5)
L.Harris,0,RS,0,RS,0,RS=0 (3)

GLASGOW 42 (93)
C.Cook,1,2,3,3=9 (4)
M.Andersen,0,0,0,RS=0 (3)
C.Vissing,1',3,0,2,1=7+1 (5)
S.Jensen,2,1,2,2,0=7 (5)
R.Jensen,3,3,3,2'=11+1 (4)
C.Bailey,1',1,0,0=2+1 (4)
K.Bickley,2,0,3,1,0=6 (5)

Ht 1: C.Harris, A.Rowe, C.Cook, M.Andersen, 5-1 5-1 [57.09]
Ht 2: N.Stoneman, K.Bickley, C.Bailey, L.Harris, 3-3 8-4 [58.79]
Ht 3: R.Schlein, S.Jensen, C.Vissing, N.Covatti, 3-3 11-7 [56.29]
Ht 4: R.Jensen, N.Morris, N.Stoneman, K.Bickley, 3-3 14-10 [56.59]
Ht 5: R.Schlein, C.Cook, N.Covatti, M.Andersen, 4-2 18-12 [56.47]
Ht 6: R.Jensen, C.Harris, C.Bailey, A.Rowe, 2-4 20-16 [56.15]
Ht 7: C.Vissing, N.Morris, S.Jensen, L.Harris, 2-4 22-20 [57.06]
Ht 8: K.Bickley, A.Rowe, N.Stoneman, M.Andersen, 3-3 25-23 [57.53]
Ht 9: R.Jensen, R.Schlein, N.Covatti, C.Bailey, 3-3 28-26 [56.81]
Ht 10: C.Harris, S.Jensen, A.Rowe, C.Vissing, 4-2 32-28 [57.09]
Ht 11: C.Cook, N.Morris, K.Bickley, L.Harris, 2-4 34-32 [57.97]
Ht 12: R.Schlein, C.Vissing, N.Stoneman, C.Bailey, 4-2 38-34 [57.21]
Ht 13: C.Cook, R.Jensen, C.Harris, N.Morris, [fell exc] 1-5 39-39 [awd]
Ht 14: N.Covatti, S.Jensen, N.Stoneman, K.Bickley, 4-2 43-41 [58.78]
Ht 15: R.Schlein, C.Harris, C.Vissing, S.Jensen, 5-1 48-42 [57.93]

REFEREE: Mr Chris Durno

GLASGOW won toss and chose gates 1&3 | SOMERSET choose gates 2&4 in heat 15
GLASGOW win 93-87 on aggregate

Pictures Tony Hartmann

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