Friday September 27, 2019
Somerset 'Cases' Rebels head north today on their end-of-season play-off trail.

After Wednesday's home meeting was washed out, the visit to Glasgow now becomes the first leg of the semi-final with the tie to be finally decided next Wednesday at the Oaktree Arena.

The switch though makes little difference to the mindset that Garry May will be instilling into his side as he claims "I have said it before and I will say it again, you know, there is no point going into a meeting looking to just restrict the damage, you have to go in believing that a win is within your capability, and with the side we have got now that is really the case.
"Yes, you have to say that Glasgow are strong but they are not unbeatable. We ran them close last time we were up there in the league and I do feel that we are a better unit now. This is a play-off. This is speedway. This is sport. You could say that with any of those reasons anything can happen, so I am just going to ask the lads to focus on getting out there, picking up points every time they go out on track and do their best to avoid the last places."

Both sides are expected to track their full one-to-seven and for Chris Harris and Nico Covatti it will be their second play-off meeting in as many nights as they both featured, on opposite sides, in an amazing meeting at Poole on Thursday night in the Premiership semi-final , one that saw the home side recover from a 12-point deficit at the halfway stage to ultimately win the first leg by ten, adding fuel to May's argument that 'anything can happen in a play-off"

"You wouldn't have thought that Ipswich would have generated a big lead in the first place and I don't really thought many saw that recovery from Poole coming, so that just proves what I was saying, anything can happen and I want our boys to make something happen tonight."

GLASGOW: C.Cook (Capt), M.Andersen, C.Vissing, S.Jensen, R.Jensen, C.Bailey, K.Bickley Team manager Cameron Brown.
SOMERSET: R.Schlein, A.Rowe, N.Morris, N.Covatti, C.Harris (Capt), N.Stoneman, L.Harris, Team manager Garry May

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