Friday September 06, 2019
Edinburgh turned the tables on the Rebels with a resounding 25 point victory that keeps their faint play-off hopes alive and leaves the Rebels still sweating on other results before being totally assured of finishing in the top four.

Somerset were always facing an uphill task once Rory Schlein was ruled out with a shoulder injury sustained at Poole on Thursday, and matters became a little more tricky for Garry May as he witnessed both his reserves being involved in a first bend heat two crash that left Nathan Stoneman nursing a sore neck. Luke Harris who couldn't avoid the stricken Welshman was knocked about too, his meeting then being frustrated with a compendium of machinery problems.

To add to May's woes skipper Chris Harris struggled all evening and even Nick Morris took a fall when holding a second place in heat seven.
"It just wasn't meant to be for us tonight it seems" admitted a disappointed May, "we tried hard but nothing really was happening for us. All we can do now is to sit back and hope that results go our way. Things could be a bit clearer by the end of the weekend as far as Berwick and Edinburgh's threat to us is concerned and then it would all be down to how Sheffield do in their remaining three meetings.

Edinburgh were good value for their victory as all seven of their riders recorded the minimum of a paid win and all bar James Sarjeant added bonus points to their score and suffered just three last places all night.

Nico Covatti started the strongest for the Rebels dropping just a point from his opening three rides whilst Morris finished with a brace of race wins including a victory over the previously unbeaten Sam Masters in heat 15.

S.Masters,3,2',3,3,1'=12+2 (5)
J.Sarjeant,1,3,3,0=7 (4)
J.Pickering,1,2,2',2=7+1 (4)
R.Wells,0,1',3,3=7+1 (4)
C.Heeps,3,3,2',1,2=11+1 (5)
W.Lawson,3,RS,2',3,1=9+1 (4)
C.Coles,2',1,1,RS,0=4+1 (4)

Rider Replacement
Anders Rowe,0,0,1,0,0=1 (5)
Nick Morris,2,2',F,2,3,3=12+1 (6)
Nico Covatti,3,3,2,1',1,2,0=12+1 (7)
Chris Harris,2,1,1,1,2=7 (5)
Nathan Stoneman,FD,0,RS,0,0,TS,0=0 (5)
Luke Harris,R,RS,R,RS,NS=0 (2)

Ht 1: S.Masters, Nick Morris, J.Sarjeant, Anders Rowe 4-2 4-2 [55.6]
Ht 2: W.Lawson, C.Coles, Luke Harris (rtd) Nathan Stoneman (fell disqualified) 5-0 9-2 [57.6]
Ht 3: Nico Covatti, Nick Morris, J.Pickering, R.Wells 1-5 10-7 [56.4]
Ht 4: C.Heeps, Chris Harris, C.Coles, Nathan Stoneman 4-2 14-9 [56.1]
Ht 5: Nico Covatti, J.Pickering, R.Wells, Anders Rowe 3-3 17-12 [56]
Ht 6: J.Sarjeant, S.Masters, Chris Harris, Luke Harris 5-1 22-13 [56.8]
Ht 7: C.Heeps, Nico Covatti, C.Coles, Nick Morris 4-2 26-15 [56.8]
Ht 8: J.Sarjeant, W.Lawson, Anders Rowe, Nathan Stoneman 5-1 31-16 [58.2]
Ht 9: R.Wells, J.Pickering, Chris Harris, Nathan Stoneman 5-1 36-17 [57]
Ht 10: S.Masters, Nick Morris, Nico Covatti, J.Sarjeant 3-3 39-20 [56.7]
Ht 11: W.Lawson, C.Heeps, Chris Harris, Anders Rowe 5-1 44-21 [56.4]
Ht 12: Nick Morris, J.Pickering, Nico Covatti, C.Coles 2-4 46-25 [57.2]
Ht 13: S.Masters, Chris Harris, C.Heeps, Anders Rowe 4-2 50-27 [58.1]
Ht 14: R.Wells, Nico Covatti, W.Lawson, Nathan Stoneman 4-2 54-29 [58.8]
Ht 15: Nick Morris, C.Heeps, S.Masters, Nico Covatti 3-3 57-32 [58]

REFEREE Mr Willie Dishington

GATES EDINBURGH won toss and deferred choice to heat 15; SOMERSET chose gates 1&3 |EDINBURGH choses gates 1&3 in heat 15


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