Wednesday September 04, 2019
The 'Cases' Rebels signed off their regular home league campaign with a resounding 20-point victory over Edinburgh as they eventually defied the rain that has thrice, in total, this season prevented these two sides from going head-to-head.

The British weather did it's best to try and give some further concern, with a heavy shower within the hour up to start time but nevertheless the meeting did go ahead on time and it was the Rebels who adapted to the heavy track conditions the smartest.

Teenager Anders Rowe stormed to a personal best time around the Oak Tree Arena, completing the four laps in an exceptionally quick 56.85 seconds, with the current track record (55.12 secs) holder Rory Schlein in close quarters for an opening 5-1 as the Monarchs' number one Sam Masters made an early return to the pits without completing the distance. The ideal start for Somerset was maintained as Nathan Stoneman delivered his first ever race win for the west country club, sharing heat two and then further problems presented themselves to the visitors as they registered just one finisher per race in four of the following five heats; the Rebels building up a 27-9 in that time, with Edinburgh providing their first race winner in seven heats when Ricky Wells stormed from the tapes and gave Chris Harris little opportunity to launch an attack.
Wells' victory was of great relief to the visitors as they had just conceded back-to-back maximum heat scores courtesy of Nick Morris and Nico Covatti in heat five and Schlein and Rowe in six.

Rowe's unbeaten night was maintained in heat eight as he battled by William Lawson, Stoneman moving on to five from a possible night as Somerset banked a 4-2 to take the score 34-14, but two heats later Rowe's dream of going through the card were shattered despite strong early pressure, before dropping out of the scoring on the final lap, but nevertheless his work had been done.

Edinburgh had not been well served by ex-Rebel Masters but he turned things around to chalk up a straight hattrick of race wins between heats 11 and 13, the first two resulting in in the visitors' only two heat advantages of the night as they staged a fight-back. A storming ride from Schlein, which saw him trade places with his opposite number backed up by Chris Harris however prevented the Monarchs from making it three from three.

Ricky Wells and Nico Covatti tussled intensely in heat fourteen with Wells coming out on top but Stoneman's sixth point of the night ensured the heat was shared. Schlein flew from the tapes in heat 15 and a pass by Harris on Wells ensured Somerset "rounded up" their victory to a 20-point margin as they moved back into third place in the league table, relatively safe in the knowledge that the sides who still have a mathematical chance of catching them now (Sheffield, Berwick and Edinburgh) would all need to be unbeaten across their remaining matches to do so, a position that has pleased team boss Garry May.

"The pressure is now firmly on the chasing clubs after we did the job we went out to do. Our rides adapted quickest to the heavier conditions early on and that enabled us to put the pressure on Edinburgh who knew that they needed a result from this meeting, realistically. It was encouraging to see Nathan scoring decent points tonight. He has invested a lot of money lately on machinery and has been working really hard without getting the rewards he deserved, so to see him pick up his first win for the club was extremely pleasing. Once again Anders was also showing us just how much he has improved this season, he quite simply hasn't been fazed by slotting in at number two. I know he would have loved that maximum but it wasn't to be, but his contribution to the team tonight was immense.
"We now have to go to Edinburgh on Friday in the return and they will have Cameron Heeps back. That will be a different matter from tonight for sure but it doesn't stop us wanting to go and make it a double this week!."

Somerset 55
Rory Schlein ,2',3,3,2,3=13+1 (5)
Anders Rowe ,3,2',3,0=8+1 (4)
Nick Morris ,2',3,3,2=10+1 (4)
Nico Covatti ,3,2',1,2=8+1 (4)
Chris Harris ,3,2,2,1',1=9+1 (5)
Nathan Stoneman ,3,1,#7,1,#7,0,1'=6+1 (5)
Luke Harris,0,#6,1',#6,0,#6=1+1 (3)
Edinburgh 35
Sam Masters ,R,1,3,3,3,2=12 (6)
James Sarjeant ,1,R,0,#7=1 (3)
Josh Pickering ,1,R,1',#7=2+1 (3)
Ricky Wells ,R,3,2,3,0=8 (5)
Ellis Perks,R,N2,2,0=2 (3)
Connor Coles ,1',0,0,TS=1+1 (3)
William Lawson ,2,2,1,2,1,1,0=9 (7)
ĺ=0 ()
Ht 1: Anders Rowe , Rory Schlein , James Sarjeant , Sam Masters (rtd) 5-1 5-1 [56.85]
Ht 2: Nathan Stoneman , William Lawson , Connor Coles , Luke Harris 3-3 8-4 [60.31]
Ht 3: Nico Covatti , Nick Morris , Josh Pickering , Ricky Wells (rtd) 5-1 13-5 [58.65]
Ht 4: Chris Harris , William Lawson , Nathan Stoneman , Ellis Perks 4-2 17-7 [59.78]
Ht 5: Nick Morris , Nico Covatti , Sam Masters , James Sarjeant 5-1 22-8 [58.84]
Ht 6: Rory Schlein , Anders Rowe , William Lawson , Connor Coles 5-1 27-9 [57.69]
Ht 7: Ricky Wells , Chris Harris , Luke Harris, Josh Pickering (rtd) 3-3 30-12 [58.47]
Ht 8: Anders Rowe , William Lawson , Nathan Stoneman , James Sarjeant 4-2 34-14 [59.06]
Ht 9: Nick Morris , Ellis Perks, Nico Covatti , Connor Coles 4-2 38-16 [59.19]
Ht 10: Rory Schlein , Ricky Wells , Josh Pickering , Anders Rowe 3-3 41-19 [58.37]
Ht 11: Sam Masters , Chris Harris , William Lawson , Luke Harris 2-4 43-23 [58.75]
Ht 12: Sam Masters , Chris Harris , William Lawson , Luke Harris 2-4 45-27 [58.29]
Ht 13: Sam Masters , Rory Schlein , Chris Harris , Ellis Perks 3-3 48-30 [58.58]
Ht 14: Ricky Wells , Nico Covatti , Nathan Stoneman , William Lawson 3-3 51-33 [59.2]
Ht 15: Rory Schlein , Sam Masters , Chris Harris , Ricky Wells ¼4-2 55-35 [57.81]
REFEREE Chris Durno
GATES Somerset won toss and chose gates 1&3 | Edinburgh chose gates 1&3 in heat 15
League Points: Somerset 3 Edinburgh 0

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