Wednesday August 28, 2019
The visit of Edinburgh Monarchs, postponed today (Wednesday 28th August) has now been re-arranged for Wednesday 4th September (7.30pm).

It will be the third attempt to stage this SGB Championship fixture and now comes just 48 hours before the Rebels visit Edinburgh, which in itself is another re-arranged fixture after their trip to the Scottish capital was washed out in the middle of July.

Meanwhile the Rebels are preparing for their trip to Redcar on Friday, a venue where they have already suffered a cup defeat this season, but one in which team boss Garry May is hoping will produce a much better performance given that the team structure has been significantly changed since that knockout cup defeat. "We've got a much more experienced and stronger top four now and also, since we went there earlier in the year, we have seen Anders improve significantly and he will take some comfort in that he recently finished on the rostrum of the British U19 championships at this venue, and therefore the place will be a bit more familiar to him this time around."

Like the Rebels, Redcar are presently holding on to a play-off qualifying berth and a good result from Somerset would go a long way to cementing their right to a semi-final appearance and even a consolation point would push the Rebels closer to the line.

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