Wednesday August 07, 2019
Prior to the meeting on Wednesday 31st July, newly promoted Anders Rowe received a boost from the SREF.

Moving out of the reserve berth into the tricky number two position following the recent team changes deployed by the Rebels, Anders was nominated by the SREF organisers, Di and Anita, to be the latest beneficiary and they were delighted to be able to hand over a cheque for £250 to the youngster.

Di said "we particularly enjoy being able to help the younger and less experienced riders and Anders was a natural fit for a donation. We know he is working hard in the cause of Somerset Speedway and we wish him every success. His recent promotion will certainly be a big test for him but he has a positive attitude and you can't fault that."

Anders went on to score paid six from four rides in the defeat inflicted by Glasgow.

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