Sunday August 04, 2019
Somerset held their nerve in a nail-biting clash at Newcastle on Sunday to bank three valuable league points and bolster their play-off aspirations.

Skipper Chris Harris and newcomer Nick Morris secured maximum points in heat 15 to give the Rebels a two-point win on the night and counter their defeat by Glasgow last Wednesday.

With the threat of rain hanging over the Newcastle region the meeting was pushed on at a decent pace, helped along by Morris, who officially became the fastest man around Brough Park this season, registering a time of 62 seconds in the opening heat.
Harris had to give second best in his first ride (heat four) when Dane Thomas Jorgensen got the better of him, holding the advantage when the race was stopped due to Nathan Stoneman's second fall of the heat, and the third time he had been grounded in the meeting.

But there were better fortunes ahead for both those Rebels. Harris went through the rest of his card unbeaten, including a clinical 'diamond-cutter' of move as he sliced through Steve Worrall and Ulrich Ostergaard after the Diamond's duo had hit the front in heat six, whilst Stoneman collected a hugely valuable second place in heat eight that restricted the home side to a mere 4-2 advantage.

Nico Covatti had attire problems all meeting but he didn't let that worry him. Forgetting to pack his kevlars he had to dress himself in a loaned set before he and Rory Schlein could 'redress' the scores in heat three after the Diamond reserves had claimed a 5-1 in the preceding race. Then Covatti had to concentrate his heat seven lap of honour on seeking out the steel shoe that he shed, which he didn't allow to detract from his efforts in keeping the formidable Max Clegg at bay.

Next time out (heat 10) Covatti and Schlein banked another 5-1 maximum that edged Somerset ahead but then the Max Clegg show got underway. The Diamonds' reserve won three of the next four heats claiming the scalps of Morris (unbeaten at the time) in heat 11, then Schlein (12) before ending Covatti's perfect score in heat 14 and putting the home side two ahead going into the final heat.

Interspersed between his hatrick came a heat 13 5-1 from Morris and Harris that had given the Rebels back the lead, that had been supressed by Newcastle with the brace of 4-2s that had come from Clegg's back-to-back victores, although the efforts of Anders Rowe to lead out Ulrich Ostergaard for two laps of heat 11 deserved more than his score chart showed.

The pendulum was about to swing once more in Somerset's favour as Morris and Harris worked their magic to perfection in heat 15 and had Garry May extolling the virtues of a good all-round team performance. "We worked really hard to get that victory and it was a good meeting. After seeing what they did in heat 13 I knew I had to go with Bomber and Morra in heat 15 and they had a plan. It worked and we got a valuable win, but full credit to Newcastle they made us work hard for it. Now we've got to make it a swift double over them when we meet them again at our place on Wednesday night."

Newcastle 44
S.Worrall ,2,2,1,1,1=7 (5)
U.Ostergaard,1',1',3,0=5+2 (4)
L. Bjerre,0,1',2,1=4+1 (4)
M.Wethers,1,2,1',2'=6+2 (4)
T.Jorgensen,3,0,1,0=4 (4)
M.Clegg,3,2,3,3,3,0=14 (6)
D.Phillips,2',1,1,RS=4+1 (3)

Somerset 46
N.Morris ,3,3,2,2',3=13+1 (5)
A.Rowe ,0,0,0,0=0 (4)
R.Schlein ,2',1,3,2=8+1 (4)
N.Covatti ,3,3,2',1=9+1 (4)
C.Harris ,2,3,3,3,2'=13+1 (5)
L.Harris ,1,0,0,RS=1 (3)
N.Stoneman ,0,FD,2,0,0=2 (5)

Ht 1: N.Morris S.Worrall U.Ostergaard A.Rowe , 3-3 3-3 [62]
Ht 2: M.Clegg D.Phillips L.Harris N.Stoneman , 5-1 8-4 [64.7]
Ht 3: N.Covatti R.Schlein M.Wethers L. Bjerre, 1-5 9-9 [64]
Ht 4: T.Jorgensen C.Harris D.Phillips N.Stoneman [fell D/Q] , 4-2 13-11 [awd]
Ht 5: N.Morris M.Wethers L. Bjerre A.Rowe , 3-3 16-14 [63.2]
Ht 6: C.Harris S.Worrall U.Ostergaard L.Harris , 3-3 19-17 [63.3]
Ht 7: N.Covatti M.Clegg R.Schlein T.Jorgensen, 2-4 21-21 [63.7]
Ht 8: U.Ostergaard N.Stoneman D.Phillips A.Rowe , 4-2 25-23 [65.4]
Ht 9: C.Harris L. Bjerre M.Wethers L.Harris , 3-3 28-26 [64.1]
Ht 10: R.Schlein N.Covatti S.Worrall U.Ostergaard, 1-5 29-31 [64.3]
Ht 11: M.Clegg N.Morris T.Jorgensen A.Rowe , 4-2 33-33 [64.8]
Ht 12: M.Clegg R.Schlein L. Bjerre N.Stoneman , 4-2 37-35 [64.6]
Ht 13: C.Harris N.Morris S.Worrall T.Jorgensen, 1-5 38-40 [63.7]
Ht 14: M.Clegg M.Wethers N.Covatti N.Stoneman , 5-1 43-41 [65.7]
Ht 15: N.Morris C.Harris S.Worrall M.Clegg, 1-5 44-46 [64.3]

REFEREE Mr Darren Hartley

GATES Newcastle won toss and chose gates 1&3 | Somerset choses gates 1&3 in heat 15

League Points: Newcastle 0 Somerset 3


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