Friday July 26, 2019
The 'Cases' Somerset Rebels will be a rider down again as their SGB Championship matches resume on Saturday at Eastbourne with German Valentin Grobauer having resigned from British racing.

Grobauer scored seven points in the Rebels success at Birmingham on Wednesday but revealed to team manager Garry May that he was no longer enjoying his racing in England and that he wanted to be released from the side.

Grobauer and May had spoken prior to the Rebels home match against Scunthorpe on July 3rd with May admitting that he had asked for more consistency in Grobauer's performances, the German responded with a British-best of paid 13 from 5 against the Scorpions, following that up with scores of paid 8 (home to Birmingham), five and two respectively, home and away against Berwick, before his seven points on Wednesday. Grobauer informed May on Thursday night that he didn’t feel up to the job. "He left me a very nice letter explaining the situation as he saw it and whilst I can accept his sentiments his decision has left me in the lurch a bit as we have some big matches ahead and we are too late to bring in someone for Saturday."

The news comes as a double blow for Somerset with Nico Covatti "needing more time" than he had planned, to recover from his rib injury, sustained at the end of June when racing for Poole. "I am finding it very painful on the bike and it is very uncomfortable. I want to ride but I also want to be fully fit and its proved to me in the last few matches that I am not fit enough at the moment and I need more time to get better."
May has booked Ben Barker to guest for Covatti whilst the void left by Grobauer's decision will be covered through rider replacement, with Todd Kurtz, Anders Rowe and Henry Atkins automatically eligible for a ride.

The Eagles themselves will be operating rider replacement as cover for Georgie Wood with Kyle Newman, Alfie Bowtell and Jason Edwards the options for the home side who are spearheaded by Edward Kennett and ex-Rebels Richard Lawson and Lewis Kerr.
Somerset were well-beaten on their only other visit to Eastbourne, earlier this season in the Championship Shield, when the Sussex side dealt out a 63-27 thrashing.

Currently third in the league table the Rebels are 11 points clear of seventh-placed Eastbourne but the hosts have lost twice at Arlington, two single point defeats at the hands of leaders Leicester and the Rebels' next Oaktree opponents Glasgow.

Eagles: 1. Edward Kennett; 2. Rider Replacement; 3. Kyle Newman; 4. Lewis Kerr; 5. Richard Lawson; 6. Alfie Bowtell; 7. Jason Edwards - Team managers Will Pottinger & Trevor Geer
Rebels: 1. Rory Schlein; 2. Todd Kurtz; 3. Rider Replacement; 4. Ben Barker (Guest); 5. Chris Harris; 6. Anders Rowe; 7. Henry Atkins - Team manager Garry May

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