Wednesday July 17, 2019
The Rebels heralded a new track record holder and delivered a late flourish to move into third place in the SGB Championship table with a 49-41 victory over Berwick.

Somerset's number one Rory Schlein produced a stunning ride in heat six to complete the four laps in a time of 55.12, beating the existing track record, held by Craig Cook since September 2015 by an amazing 0.46 of a second. The Australian admitted "I thought it was a good pace but I didn't feel it was exceptionally fast and so I was a bit surprised, but equally delighted, when they told me that I had smashed the track record."

With Todd Kurtz backing up in third place, Schlein's pace was only enough to level up the meeting at 18 each as Berwick had gone clear by four points with a 5-1 from the impressive Jye Etheridge and guest rider Kyle Howarth a heat earlier.

Etheridge was again masterminding another Berwick heat advantage in heat eight (22-26), this time reserve Leon Flint partnering him home, and it was thus that the visitors held a slender 29-31 lead after heat ten when Schlein and Kurtz were again able to trim the deficit.

A key ride for Valentin Grobauer came in heat twelve as he held out against Fernando 'Coty' Garcia but what really proved critical to the Rebels' fortunes was Anders Rowe, replacing the struggling Henry Atkins, making sure he led the experienced Kevin Doolan home for third place, as the scores again matched - 36 all.

A brilliant last lap assault by Chris Harris - after his first lap attempt to squeeze by Howarth and Garcia had the Rebels skipper needing to take quick evasive action - claimed a point on the line as Schlein was completing his third winning ride of the night. That was followed by a third win from injury-returnee Nico Covatti in heat 14 with again Rowe's point, gained due to intense determination to hold off Flint, allowing Somerset to be in control entering the final heat.
Another excellent ride by Chris Harris had the Rebels robbing the Bandits of a league point as he went through the traffic to join Schlein on a 5-1.

The Rebels now embark on a sequence of four away meetings before returning to the Oak Tree on July 31st. Two of those matches will be ridden without the services of Chris Harris who has been called up for this weekend's Black Monster Speedway of Nations final in Togliatti, Russia an event that coincides with the Rebels visits to Edinburgh (Friday) and Berwick (Saturday).

R.Schlein 2,3,3,3,3=14
T.Kurtz 1',1,1,1=4+1
V.Grobauer 1,1,0,3=5
N.Covatti 3,R,3,3=9
C.Harris 3,3,3,1,2'=12+1
A.Rowe 2,0,0,1,1=4
H.Atkins 0,1,0=1

Berwick 41
K.Howarth 0,2',X,2,1=5+1
J.Etheridge 3,3,3,1',0=10+1
K.Doolan 2,2,0,0=4
D.Gappmaier 0,1',2,2=5+1
N.Busk Jakobsen 2,2,1',ns=5+1
F.Garcia 3,0,2,2,0=7
L.Flint 1,0,2',2,0=5+1

Ht 1: J.Etheridge , R.Schlein, T.Kurtz, K.Howarth 3-3 3-3 |56.09]
Ht 2: F.Garcia , A.Rowe, L.Flint, H.Atkins 2-4 5-7 [56.62]
Ht 3: N.Covatti, K.Doolan, V.Grobauer, D.Gappmaier 4-2 9-9 [56.35]
Ht 4: C.Harris, N.Busk Jakobsen, H.Atkins, L.Flint 4-2 13-11 [57.06]
Ht 5: J.Etheridge , K.Howarth, V.Grobauer, N.Covatti (Rtd) 1-5 14-16 [56.1]
Ht 6: R.Schlein, N.Busk Jakobsen, T.Kurtz, F.Garcia 4-2 18-18 [55.12]
Ht 7: C.Harris, K.Doolan, D.Gappmaier, A.Rowe 3-3 21-21 [55.72]
Ht 8: J.Etheridge , L.Flint, T.Kurtz, H.Atkins 1-5 22-26 [56.72]
Ht 9: N.Covatti, F.Garcia , N.Busk Jakobsen, V.Grobauer 3-3 25-29 [57.13]
Ht 10: R.Schlein, D.Gappmaier, T.Kurtz, K.Doolan 4-2 29-31 [56.88]
Ht 11: C.Harris, L.Flint, J.Etheridge , A.Rowe 3-3 32-34 [56.63]
Ht 12: V.Grobauer, F.Garcia , A.Rowe (RS), K.Doolan 4-2 36-36 [57.06]
Ht 13: R.Schlein, K.Howarth, C.Harris, F.Garcia 4-2 40-38 [56.54]
Ht 14: N.Covatti, D.Gappmaier, A.Rowe, L.Flint 4-2 44-40 [58.22]
Ht 15: R.Schlein, C.Harris, K.Howarth, J.Etheridge 5-1 49-41 [0]

Gates: SOMERSET won toss and chose gates 1&3 | Berwick took gates 1&3 in heat 15

Referee Mr James McGregor

League Points SOMERSET 3 Berwick 0

Rider of the Night: Rory Schlein

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