Friday June 28, 2019
Whilst unable to stop Ben Barker scooping an untroubled five ride maximum the Somerset Select side staged a perfectly time comeback to overturn a five point deficit over the course of the final five heats to run out 45-44 winners on the night and claim the South West Challenge bragging rights 91-88 on aggregate.

Garry May's side suffered a set-back in heat three when clear leader Valentin Grobauer failed to negotiate the third turn mid-race. The race was set to continue until Gladiators debutant David Wallinger ran into the rear of Henry Atkins' machine as they crossed the line to start lap three. Wallinger suffered a bout of concussion and was withdrawn from the meeting, Although Atkins won the re-run the Rebels were still trailing to the opening 5-1 clocked by Barker and Adam Extance.
Todd Kurtz, on the end of that heat one defeat took the honours next time out, winning heat five, his time showing Extance who was covering Wallinger's ride, the way home. The busy Extance was on track again in heat six and conspired with Barker for a 4-2 Anders Rowe getting stuck in between them.

A spate of shared heats ensued as the Rebels packed the minor places in each of heats seven, eight and ten whilst Anders Rowe won
heat nine .

Kurtz and Luke Harris arrested that run with a 4-2 over Nathan Stoneman and Adam Sheppard; Ryan Terry-Daley and Atkins doing likewise over Andrews and Bursill in the twelfth.

Heat 13 proved the turning point. Nathan Stoneman fell under pressure from Kurtz in the early battle for second and third and earned a disqualification through it. Whilst Barker won the re-start recording a time in the 51 seconds zone the three points picked up by Kurtz and Rowe kept just one point on the night between the two sides, the Rebels though holding a one-point aggregate lead.

Ryan Terry-Daley was drafted in to take the heat fourteen programmed ride allocated to Saul Bulley and the blonde bombshell didn’t let May down as he battled hard for the point in third to go with Grobauer's heat win. So, leading by three on aggregate the visitors knew overall victory was theirs provided they held off a 5-1 reversal from heat fifteen. But, as anyone who knows Garry May will testify, the on-the-night victory was still a priority. That meant avoiding a heat loss and whilst Barker was untouchable, Kurtz and Rowe did an admirable job in keeping out Stoneman to make it a double victory for the Rebels.

B.Barker 3,3,3,3,3=15
A.Extance 2',2,3,0=7+1
D.Wallinger FD
R.Andrews 2,1',2,2,2=9+1
N.Stoneman 3,3,2,FD,0=8
A.Sheppard 2,1,0,1',0,0=4+1
J.Bursill R,1,0,0=1

T.Kurtz 1,3,3,2,2=11
L.Harris 0,0,1',1=2+1
H.Atkins 3,2,2,1=8
V.Grobauer XD,1',1',3=5+2
A.Rowe 2,2,3,1',1'=9+2
R.Terry-Daley 3,0,2,3,1=9
S.Bulley 1,0,0=1

Ht 1: B.Barker, A.Extance, T.Kurtz, L.Harris 5-1 5-1 |51.16]
Ht 2: R.Terry-Daley, A.Sheppard, S.Bulley, J.Bursill (Rtd) 2-4 7-5 [53.19]
Ht 3: H.Atkins, R.Andrews, V.Grobauer (D/Q), D.Wallinger (Fell d/q) 2-3 9-8 [52.75]
Ht 4: N.Stoneman, A.Rowe, A.Sheppard, S.Bulley 4-2 13-10 [53.88]
Ht 5: T.Kurtz, A.Extance, R.Andrews, L.Harris 3-3 16-13 [53.25]
Ht 6: B.Barker, A.Rowe, J.Bursill, R.Terry-Daley 4-2 20-15 [52.28]
Ht 7: N.Stoneman, H.Atkins, V.Grobauer, A.Sheppard 3-3 23-18 [53.9]
Ht 8: A.Extance, R.Terry-Daley, L.Harris, J.Bursill 3-3 26-21 [53.78]
Ht 9: A.Rowe, R.Andrews, A.Sheppard, S.Bulley 3-3 29-24 [52.47]
Ht 10: B.Barker, H.Atkins, V.Grobauer, A.Extance 3-3 32-27 [51.19]
Ht 11: T.Kurtz, N.Stoneman, L.Harris, A.Sheppard 2-4 34-31 [53.66]
Ht 12: R.Terry-Daley, R.Andrews, H.Atkins, J.Bursill 2-4 36-35 [53.43]
Ht 13: B.Barker, T.Kurtz, A.Rowe, N.Stoneman (Fell d/q) 3-3 39-38 [51.03]
Ht 14: V.Grobauer, R.Andrews, R.Terry-Daley, A.Sheppard 2-4 41-42 [53.04]
Ht 15: B.Barker, T.Kurtz, A.Rowe, N.Stoneman 3-3 44-45 [52.47]
Gates: PLYMOUTH won toss and chose gates 1&3 | SOMERSET took gates 1&3 in heat 15
Referee Mr Darren Hartley
Aggregate Score: Plymouth 88 Somerset 91
Rider of the Night: Ryan Terry-Daley

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