Friday April 19, 2019
'CASES' SOMERSET REBELS' reserve Henry Atkins suffered the cruellest of misfortunes when set to complete a perfect night's work at the Oaktree Arena with a ticket to Berwick beckoning.

With his heats full of superb passing moves as he blitzed away his opponents in the British U21 Championship final, Atkins had done all the hard work to get by Mildenhall's Jason Edward in the final but clutch problems caused 18-year old
Atkins to grind to a near halt as Edwards and Cradley duo of Luke Harris and Harry McGuirk drove on past him to snatch the top three places that earned qualification to Berwick
Promoter Debbie Hancock was 'absolutely gutted' for young Henry as she said "that was cruel luck. Really cruel luck on Henry. He had been absolutely brilliant all night and showed real class to put together five unbeaten rides and then storm into the lead in that final. I am so devastated for him and I just cant begin to think how he must be feeling right now. But he can certainly leave here with his head held high knowing that all at Somerset are immensely proud of his efforts tonight."

1. Jason Edwards (Mildenhall)
2. Luke Harris (Cradley)
3. Harry McGurk (Cradley)
4. Henry Atkins (Somerset)

Qualifying scores: Henry Atkins 12, Luke Harris 10, Jason Edwards 9, Harry McGurk 6, Charlie Brooks 6, Jamie Halder 5, Sheldon Davies 5, Macauley Leek 5, Saul Bulley (Res) 4, Elliott Kelly 3, Kean Dicken 3, William O’Keefe 3, Lewis Whitmore 0

Heat Details
Ht.1 C.Brooks, J.Halder, K.Dicken, E.Kelly (fell) (61.03)
Ht.2 H.Atkins, J.Edwards, S.Davies, L.Whitmore (fell disqualified) (58.62)
Ht.3 H.McGuirk, L.Harris, W.O'Keefe, M.Leek (60.32)
Ht.4 H.Atkins, C.Brooks, M.Leek, K.Dicken (58.94)
Ht.5 H.McGuirk, J.Edwards, S.Davies, E.Kelly (fell) (awd)
Ht.6 L.Harris, W.O'Keefe, J.Halder, S.Bulley (60.75)
Ht.7 M.Leek, J.Edwards, C.Brooks, W.O'Keefe (59.68)
Ht.8 H.Atkins, L.Harris, E.Kelly, K.Dicken (59.99)
Ht.9 S.Bulley, S.Davies, H.McGuirk (rtd), J.Halder (rtd)(62.06)
Ht.10 L.Harris, E.Kelly, S.Davies, C.Brooks (69.38)
Ht.11 J.Edwards, K.Dicken, S.Bulley, W.O'Keefe (61)
Ht.12 H.Atkins, J.Halder, M.Leek, H.McGuirk (59.75)
Ht.13 H.Atkins, H.McGuirk, J.Halder, M.Leek (rtd) (59.75)
Ht.14 L.Harris, J.Edwards, C.Brooks, S.Davies (60.53)
Ht.15 J.Edwards, L.Harris, H.McGuirk, H.Atkins (rtd) (60.9)

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