Wednesday July 27, 2016
An update on how 'Cases' Somerset Rebel mascot Eli Meadows has been performing over the past few weeks.....

21st May - Eli rode at Chetton on a banked track in very wet conditions - After 3 races which he won (he likes wet tracks) the meeting was abandoned but he was awarded first place

4th June; Alveley - Eli competed in good hard racing all day after missing the gate a couple of times - but came from the back to make 6 races 6 wins and a first in the final

25th June; Gresford - slick to start with but then as track dried off went on for another full house of 6 races 6 wins and first in final

23rd July; Hampton Hill - A tricky banked track with up & down hill corners with a large bump in top corner - Eli's bike suffered a misfire in first practice - after a change in fuel mixture bike was cured for second practice - Eli proceeded to win 6 races and the final with a recorded lap time of 1 second slower than the adult FGA championship holder Graham Thomas

Eli would like to say a really big thank you to the donation from Brian George, the winner of the 50/50 draw on Friday 22nd July, he was a bit overwhelmed by it, but really appreciates it - money going towards running costs and upkeep of both bikes.

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